Matching kids' outfits for siblings

Spot the Difference – Dress Siblings in Matching Kids’ Outfits

As a mom of younger kids, it is the one season of childhood where you have some measure of control over what your kids wear. It is also a time when a big sister doesn’t mind her ‘shadow’ little sister wearing the same clothes as her. The cuteness factor definitely ranks high when young siblings are dressed in matching outfits. It also makes life really convenient when shopping for clothes for babies, toddlers and kids. The sweet bond between younger siblings is strengthened as playtime and bedtime outfits are matched. 

Rosie Bee’s kids’ limited-edition handmade clothing has made shopping matching outfits for siblings an absolute dream. For babies, toddlers and little ones up to the age of 7, our curated collections offer so many mix-and-match options – from capsule wardrobe ideas to dressing your older and younger kids in similar age-appropriate outfits. 

Matching sisters

“Sisters make the best friends in the world.”Marilyn Monroe

Big sister, little sister – a double dose of sugar and spice and all things nice. The sweetness of sisters playing together and happily dressed the same is to be cherished. It also makes shopping online a dream. It won’t last. As they grow into tweens and teens, the fashion wars will be waged, so celebrate these younger years when your little girls can dress in matching outfits, be they real sisters or friends who wish they were sisters.  

Matching kids' outfits for siblings

The vintage linen Emily dress in green, with a bow tie detailing at the back, is just right for older sisters, while little sis can match in the complementary green vintage lace romper. As the weather cools, partner these with identical Harvest or Pressed Leaves long-sleeved T-shirts. And if there is a baby sister, pop her in a matching print babygrow and high waisted linen blend bow shirts

Or swaddle a newborn baby sister in our softest Grace swaddle blanket and headband with her older sister proudly wearing a Grace floral T-shirt or dress. 

Matching kids' outfits for siblings

📷  Monique De Villiers-Delport

Browse all our whimsical girls’ matching outfits for any season

Matching brothers

“Who needs superheroes when you have a brother.” -Anon

A younger brother will always worship his older brother and an older brother will always be his younger brother’s defender. At Rosie Bee, our ‘matchy matchy’ boys’ clothes are the ideal solution for little explorers and adventurers. And with boys, it is all about comfort and ease of movement. 

Matching kids' outfits for siblings

📷  Cody Fletcher at IG handle: raising_bentley.and.carter 

From going shirtless in dungarees in summer and adding matching T-shirts underneath as it gets cooler, to big brother donning our quirky hand painted giraffe sweater while baby brother crawls around in the giraffe babygrow and matching mustard pocket or grey melange leggings, boy can just be boys. 

Browse all our playful boys’ matching outfits for any season. 

Matching brothers & sisters

“Sisters and brothers just happen, we don’t get to choose them, but they become one of our most cherished relationships.” –Wes Adamson

Throughout life, there will be a special bond between brothers and sisters. So, when they are young, celebrate this bond with matching sibling outfits. From tiny babies to toddlers and up to 7-year olds – our loungewear and pyjama collection is the comfiest neutral range to mix and match brothers and sisters in.  

Matching kids' outfits for siblings

For comfy toddler playwear, let brothers and sisters match in the pressed leaves t-shirt and then complement that with either the blush bow leggings or blush pocket leggings for little girls or the grey melange leggings for little boys. 

Brothers and sisters love having fun together and that fun starts with comfy matching pyjamas and playwear for siblings. 

Browse all our comfy mixand-match boys’ & girls’ sleepwear outfits for any season.

Shop matching sibling outfits at Rosie Bee

For quality, limited edition and locally hand-made-with-love kids outfits, Rosie Bee is your one-stop online fashion boutique for baby, toddler and kids’ clothes up to the age of 7 years. All our seasonal collections are designed with childhood play and comfort in mind. 

Shopping for matching outfits and mix-and-match kids’ clothes for siblings is just a click away.

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