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Kids’ Clothes Online – Let Them Play!

Summer is calling children to play and explore the great outdoors. Childhood memories should be filled with splashing in mud puddles, climbing trees, catching tadpoles and chasing butterflies. That also means that a summer wardrobe needs to encourage these summer activities. But the last thing you want to do is interrupt playtime. So, our online kids’ summer clothes are the best way to keep your little ones dressed and ready for summer adventures. 


Childhood playtime adventures should involve exploring, imagining and dancing outdoors. Integral to each of these experiences is our delightful online kids summer collection that will enable them to run, jump and climb – all the while staying cool and comfortable. 

Let them explore

“No matter how old you get, may you always stop to fill your pockets with smooth stones, empty snail shells and other little treasures.” -Nicolette Sowder

Exploring is all about kids immersing themselves in the wonder of nature and collecting things. Our summer range of kids’ online clothes – for boys and girls – will keep them happily playing outdoors and satisfying their curiosity for hours.   

Kids' clothing online

For little girls, our sweetest little high waisted summer shorts – featuring a bow detailing – are made from a soft, breathable linen blend, perfect for summer explorations. Partnered with our soft Grace T-shirt with hand-painted florals, or our delightfully charming lightweight cotton lawn fabric blouses with limited edition vintage floral prints and flutter sleeves, they make up the prettiest summer ensemble for running and chasing butterflies. 

For little boys (and girls), our oatmeal pocket shorties have the cutest little pockets and are made from a soft breathable cotton blend, perfect for the summer heat. We do advise checking the pockets before washing for any stray stones or frogs! Partner the shorts with our soft ‘Beelieve’ T-shirt all a buzz with hand-painted bees and let them go out and play. 

Let them imagine

“I really love being human. But some days I really wish I could be a fairy.” -Greta, age 4

Imagination and childhood go hand in hand, and as you watch little ones playing, you realise that their world is not restricted to only what they can see. It is hard not to be captivated by their contagious sense of wonder and living in a world of imagined stories and characters. Our summer collection of kids’ clothes online becomes the perfect ‘dress-up box’ of outfits for dragon-slayers, fairies, kings and princesses.   

Kids' clothes online

Slaying dragons, rescuing princesses and conquering ogres needs comfortable clothes that children can move freely and comfortably in for climbing beanstalks, swinging on the wind and floating on clouds. Cue our limited edition 100% cotton vintage rompers – ready to save the day.

From bees and nostalgic florals to polka dots and vintage roses, little imaginations have a fashionable edge this summer.  

Let them twirl

“If a dress can twirl, it’s a good dress.” -Rachel Chapman

Little girls just love to flitter and dance on tippy toes. (It must have something to do with the fairy dust they are born with). 

Kids' clothes online

For girls who love to twirl, we proudly introduce our online summer collection of Emily twirly dresses that are adorable. The soft sleeveless bodice, with a floral watercolour print, features a pretty bow tie at the back. The soft linen blend for the skirt drapes beautifully, making this the dress for any little girl’s summer wardrobe. And the secret pockets are just perfect for storing glitter, collecting wildflowers and hiding the odd visiting fairy.   

Rosie Bee 

Rosie Bee is the online kids clothing store for a summer collection that beckons childhood memories, letting little boys and girls do what they do best – play, explore, imagine and twirl – with a touch of whimsy.

If Rosie Bee kids’ online clothing is new to you, then please read our homegrown story here. 

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