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Capsule wardrobe for kids' clothes

Create a Capsule Wardrobe with Rosie Bee’s Kids’ Clothes

Moms of little ones are always looking to simplify their lives, and any life hacks focused on making daily routines a little easier are most welcome. Cue the capsule wardrobe – one of the best inventions since sliced bread. Basically, a capsule wardrobe is a careful selection of quality kids’ clothes that are simple to mix and match. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe for babies and toddlers is a savvy way of organizing and saving money. And all you have to do is go online and browse our Rosie Bee made-for-whimsical-play fashion for the cutest and most adorable handmade-with-love mix-and-match outfits for your little ones.


We believe childhood is all about creative play and imagination in comfortable clothing – no matter what the season. 


Capsule Wardrobe Hack #1 – Quality Fabrics

Doing the best for baby and toddler includes the fabrics you choose to dress them in. 

This is an important consideration for a capsule wardrobe – as you are generally buying fewer clothing items that will last longer. 

Child-friendly fabrics should always be comfortable, durable and perfect for playtime, any time of the year. Speaking of play...what little boy wouldn’t want to be seen playing in our soft and cosy sweater with a handpainted quirky giraffe print and triangle neckline detail?  

For little girls, the chestnut floral blouse or dress is a timeless heirloom piece, and for the perfect twirl, we have the vintage Emily dress – so easy to mix and match with leggings and a short- or long-sleeved top. 

We have even gone a step further with our limited edition seasonal prints by local artists. “Into the bushveld” is our Autumn ‘21 range in collaboration with artist, Libby Bell, featuring a selection of indigenous South African grasses. The tones are soft and delicate with a touch of whimsy – perfect for childhood. 


Capsule wardrobe for kids' clothes


Capsule Wardrobe Hack #2 – Mix & Match

Mixing and matching prints and plains is where a capsule wardrobe comes into its own – simplifying shopping for kids’ clothes and dressing your littlies – especially when you have a strong-willed toddler determined to dress themselves. No matter what they pull out of the cupboard, the outfit will work, minimizing 2-year old temper tantrums. 

Mix our Autumn ‘21 Harvest long-sleeved t-shirt or Chestnut floral Holly blouse with either matching Harvest print leggings or plain blush pocket leggings or Marigold bow leggings for little girls. The final touch is a matching knotted headband.


Capsule wardrobe for kids' clothes


Capsule Wardrobe Hack #3 – Double Duty

If you have invested in quality comfortable kids’ clothes for your capsule wardrobe, life gets even simpler as the sun starts to set. Depending on the day’s activities, most of our Rosie Bee outfits can transition quite comfortably from daywear to sleepwear when necessary, or vice versa. All our babygrows and pyjamas are soft, warm and comfy. Why wouldn’t you wear such fun and fashionable gorgeousness during the day as well?


Capsule wardrobe for kids' clothes 

Capsule Wardrobe Hack #4 – Shop Online at Rosie Bee

Rosie Bee’s handmade seasonal kids’ clothes are the perfect mix-and-match fashion outfit options for babies and toddlers. Proudly South African, each design and item of clothing is perfectly suited to our climate and the way children live and play, all year round. 

Start planning and shopping the perfect capsule wardrobe for your little ones online.