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Rosie Bee's Baby Clothes

Rosie Bee’s Baby Clothes – Little Feet and Autumn Leaves

“Leaves are falling and autumn is calling.”  As the crisp coolness of the early morning air creeps in, summer clothes start getting packed away and your baby or toddler’s seasonal wardrobe starts to change to accommodate the cooler weather. Rosie Bee’s designer baby clothes are the ideal seasonal addition to your little one’s ensemble. 

As autumn fun beckons, keeping toddlers warm and comfortable as they rush out to play and crunch the leaves, and keeping tiny babies warm and snug, remains a priority.


At Rosie Bee, our belief is that childhood is all about fun, imagination and a bit of whimsy thrown in the mix – no matter what the season – and that is reflected in all our baby and toddler clothing ranges. 


Little shoes

Toddlers love to run and play outdoors, and our mild South African autumn has much allure to keep them exploring all day long. And so little shoes are a must-have to keep little feet cosy and comfy. Rosie Bee’s baby clothing range has recently added our specially designed soft-soled shoe range to our online boutique. 

Rosie Bee's Baby Clothes

These little shoes are not only practical and comfortable, they are utterly adorable. (Please see our sizing chart). Each pair has a leather sole, and the outers and inners are 100 % cotton. We have specially designed them to be broader across the width with ultimate kiddy comfort in mind. The muted plain colours and floral patterns are simply made for autumn and no outfit is complete without a pair. 

Little slippers

At Rosie Bee, our baby clothing collection also has nighttime sorted and we predict that you will fall completely in love with our little bunny slippers – the perfect autumn accessory for girls and boys. Each pair of bunny slippers has a leather sole, a cotton canvas outer and is lined with a super soft warm and plush Minky fleece. They are the perfect designer gift for any baby or toddler and are made with love and attention to detail. They also pair perfectly with our grey loungewear set.  

Rosie Bee's Baby Clothes

A little inspiration

We have a little inspiration that makes our baby and toddler soft-soled shoes extra special. 10 % of each pair sold will go to STEPS whose mission is to improve the lives of children born with club foot” by helping children get the treatment they need,

At Rosie Bee we have even gone a step further. If you have a little one with a club foot, each foot may be a different size, so you are able to order two different sizes in one set. (Just let us know in the NOTES section at checkout.)

Rosie Bee – for little ones

The inspiration behind each of Rosie Bee’s online baby clothing collections is a love for nature and childhood creativity – resulting in limited edition floral and nature-inspired prints and colours that will keep your little ones comfy – all day, all night and all year long. 

Each item of clothing is made-to-order and made-with-love, and we take the greatest of care in creating original baby clothes that are of the highest quality. 

If you are new to Rosie Bee and love supporting local, read our homegrown story.

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Children's online clothing store

Children’s Online Clothing Store: Rosie Bee’s Homegrown Story

Every brand begins with a story – the behind-the-scenes inspiration – that slowly takes on a life of its own until it becomes a reality. C.S.Lewis, who invited us behind the wardrobe to the wonderful, imaginary world of Narnia, said: ‘A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.’ And that is where Rosie Bee’s homegrown story begins: a children’s online clothing store that takes us beyond the wardrobe to a small South African farm that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.


Rosie Bee children’s online clothing store is a business full of love and heart – made for whimsical play – making this a brand that is more than just beautifully handcrafted clothing with a delightful nostalgic vibe.


So just imagine you are sitting on Granny’s porch, watching the children play and explore – and enjoy the story…


Every story starts with an idea

The Rosie Bee brand is no exception. So what was the idea that gave birth to a children’s online clothing store? Well actually, it was a birth story – a tiny baby girl, an overwhelmed new mom and many sleepless nights filled with online shopping for pretty baby clothes. (The unlikely, but perfect plot ingredients for the emergence of a creative vision!)  

This is how Laura, founder of Rosie Bee, tells it in her own words: ‘I was in limbo – trying to find me again. I realised that I needed to become a new version of my old self. The one thing that sparked this transition was my need for creativity. And Emily fueled this creativity. I Iove supporting local, but when Emily was tiny I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. So the idea of Rosie Bee was formed in my head.’

Every story has a name

The name ‘Rosie Bee’ came out of a conversation between Laura and her gran  – a no-nonsense person with honest, unfiltered opinions. (She didn’t like any of the original name options on the list). Laura knew that ‘rose’ had to somehow be in the brand title as it was her gran’s favourite flower. As they got sidetracked, talking about flowers and gardening, a random memory of a cousin’s childhood doll, called ‘Rosebee,’ popped into the conversation, and from there ‘Rosie Bee’ was born. (Granny approved!)

Every story has a setting

The varied landscape of the Limpopo province – with its dramatic mountain ranges, misty views and hazy sunsets – is the perfect setting for a family farm and the home of Rosie Bee children’s online clothing brand. Laura’s grandparent’s farm – combined with her background as a botanist – creates the perfect backdrop for her studio where her handcrafted kiddies’ clothing range of unique flora- and nature-inspired prints comes to life. 


Children's online clothing store

Every story has characters

For Rosie Bee, two of the main characters – behind the scenes – are Baptiste and Kenneth.

Baptiste, originally employed as a packer for Laura’s mother’s ceramic business on the farm, had been taught to sew by Laura’s gran and aunt. When asked to make a dress from leftover fabric for Laura’s baby girl, Baptiste made the perfect little dress, without a pattern. His creative flair and quality sewing skills have blossomed into Rosie Bee’s fun baby and children’s’ online clothing range. The current Autumn Rose print is his favourite design.

Kenneth’s background was sewing adult clothing and children’s school clothing, so he is enjoying extending his repertoire to include Rosie Bee’s baby and children’s clothes. His favourite is the rainbow print and he loves sewing the leggings/bottoms range for little girls and boys. 

And then, of course, we have Rosie Bee’s ‘illustrator’, a talented artist from Cape Town who brings the nostalgic-inspired patterns, botanical prints and whimsical designs to life. 

Rosie Bee

The Rosie Bee brand philosophy is simple: beautiful, comfortable, fun and excellent quality baby and children’s clothing with love sewn into the stitches of each handcrafted garment. 

If you are passionate about locally made quality handmade-with-love’ children’s clothing, then head on over to Rosie Bee’s online store and immerse yourself in the brand and the story, and fill your online cart with fashionable prettiness for your little ones.

If you are looking for a gift, and cannot choose, then spoil a new mom with a Rosie Bee gift card.