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Baby clothes online

Baby Clothes Online – ‘Snug as a Bug in a Rug’

From the very first scan to the initial in-utero flutterings, a mom-to-be cannot wait to hold and cherish her tiny little bundle. But throughout her pregnancy, there is one thing that cannot be helped; one distraction that keeps her busy: shopping for baby clothes online or instore, accompanied by ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’  


This modern convenience of shopping for baby clothes online is a far cry from a generation ago. But it does provide parents of today with unique choice and quality. And that is exactly what mom needs and exactly what baby deserves.   

Handcrafted stories from yesterday…

Traditionally – in the good ol’ days – a mother-in-waiting would hand sew and knit a ‘layette’ during her pregnancy; the basic set of baby clothes her little one would need. Even though times have changed, there is still something wistful about that picture of yesteryear which is in stark contrast to today’s world of modern mass-produced kiddies clothing. The concept of ‘slow fashion’ for littlies, where each handmade item of clothing would have been handcrafted and stitched together slowly, adds a special sense of love and story. 


Baby clothes online

Handcrafted stories for today…

We invite you to visit Rosie Bee and shop for beautiful handcrafted baby clothes online. (If you have not yet been introduced to our very special South African baby and children’s clothing range, we suggest you first read our homegrown story). 


At Rosie Bee, we have taken the idea of slow, ‘handmade-with-love’ baby clothes and redefined children’s fashion for our 21st-century lifestyle without compromising the personalised element. 


Each item of our online baby clothing is carefully handsewn from the softest, breathable fabric, with original nostalgic designs. Our limited edition ranges are made to order to ensure the best quality.


Baby clothes online


Lullabies and sweet dreams can also be ordered online for tiny ones with our cosy pyjama sets with button or pattern detailing. And go ahead and spoil your baby with our sweetest babygrows that are cute and comfy – all night long.

Handcrafted stories for tomorrow…

The beauty of purchasing Rosie Bee baby clothes online is not only our attention to detail in each little outfit and garment, but our excellent quality fabrics, which will last and last. They can even be kept for baby # 2 or #3, or put aside in a memory trunk for the next generation to discover. 

Our original soft, stretchy and gentle swaddle sets, in charming botanicals, allow you to indulge your newborn’s littleness before they are no longer little – keeping them as ‘snug as a bug in a rug.’ These special cocooned moments need to be captured on camera. To complement your nursery’s decor, add an element of whimsy with our fitted cot sheets and change mat covers.

All our toddler and children’s clothes allow your baby to grow with Rosie Bee’s designs, providing nostalgically handcrafted clothing for many tomorrows. Our charming baby girl bloomers and leggings with bow detailing, and our baby boy bottoms, are perfect as your darlings start moving and exploring. 


Baby clothes online

Rosie Bee…

Rosie Beemade for whimsical play – is your online baby clothing solution for little bundles of joy. We are passionate about quality handmade children’s clothing and our custom prints and designs ensure playfulness – perfect for all stages of childhood.  

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